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12 – 15 September 2021
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Peter Kuenzle CEO Konvekta AG

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27 Nov 2019 | 13:00 - 13:45 | Energy Recovery Systems for AHU’s with high Return on Investment

Born in Switzerland in 1959 Peter has made an apprenticeship as Chemistry technician. He then went to University to study Chemistry and graduated in 1982.

After his studies in 1982 he joined Metrohm AG in Herisau, Switzerland a manufacturer of instrumentation for chemical testing. He worked in several fields like customers applications, customer training and instrument development and sales. He also lived in Australia for a number of years to set-up an Australian and New Zealand operation for Metrohm AG.

In 2001 he was looking for a new challenge and was appointed CEO of FATZER AG, Switzerland, the worlds most advanced Steel Wire Rope manufacturer for people and material transportation. FATZER ropes are enjoying a great reputation all over the world and are used for high speed transportation systems when safety and durability matters.

In 2011 he changed direction once more and was appointed CEO of Konvekta AG, Switzerland. Konvekta AG is the technology leader for High Performance Energy Recovery Systems. During Peter’s time as CEO, the company has largely expanded its business and today has operations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the USA, Canada and China and is now starting in the Middle East region. Konvekta’s success is based on the fact that they design complete Energy Recovery Systems and are manufacturers of High Performance Coils and also make their own software for the design of systems and also the System Controller.

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